About Us

We have been working in the Madeira Islands since 2008 and have a successful track record in sales results and hybrid marketing techniques, we specialise through our quality marketing partners in finding the right client for the right product.

By the nature of our client services and relationships that we develop here in Madeira, our clients return and often repeat business through either a further property purchase or as regular island visitors.

We have significant marketing activities and a network involving several agents based across Europe, South Africa and China, we are ideally placed to use our existing contacts to grow new business opportunities that fit our business and investment model.

Our marketing innovations bring buying clients through trusted campaigns, retargeting and referrals to the partnership companies who we invested into.

How we work is unique

We source our own clients from outside Madeira, we also work directly with several marketing agencies and agents, we do this because we know the way to promote Madeira is from outside Madeira where potential clients live, work and call home.

We work where the opportunities for business development exist, we invest in various marketing channels including exhibitions, advertising campaigns, digital media and direct mail.

We also work with local country agents who can locally transmit our message in the role of a marketing partner, from this we develop quality referrals and constant client streams, all our clients come to visit Madeira focused on our projects.

Once a client arrives on Madeira they are under our umbrella, from their airport arrival until their departure. Our client care makes for a working combination that allows a client to feel confident and comfortable within our service structure, this level of care also brings referrals and recommendations.

Investing in a new direction

When we work in a partnership we are investing at our cost, in the future potential of a shared business relationship.

Our partnerships represent our own financial investments, we make our investments building branded marketing tools and creating marketing campaigns to bring buying clients who were often overlooking Madeira.

Every relationship we enter is different, at a sales level we make a substantial improvement in the business turnover, at a marketing level we reach new markets and at a image level, we create and build brands.

A company re-branding is often seen as change, in our business model the changes are more hybrid innovations and brand reinvention. We then find your potential clients for your new branded and trademarked image.

Our marketing partnership

We have an exclusive relationship with the UK based marketing company, Madeira Island Ltd.

This innovative company specialize in Hybrid marketing techniques, it is from here where the client targeting happens and the search for suitable clients will start.

The investment made creating a bespoke and targeted marketing campaign is quite significant, the final sales results of this activity are testament to the importance of targeting the right clients.

We work together with Madeira Island Ltd creating websites, brochures, branding, digital products and online programmes that have lasting results and brand awareness.

Any new marketing programme undertaken is assessed for its future sustainability, risk and potential profitability.

Potential partners

We are looking for suitable investment partnerships in real estate, citizenship programmes and responsible, luxury end tourism. We are seeking financially sound and established businesses and need a far reaching and effective marketing and sales service.

Please contact us for a confidential conversation about your business. We will be happy to openly discuss partnership ideas or marketing connections that expand our international network of supported marketing agents.

We are also seeking residential construction opportunities or projects in the Quinta do Lago area of Portugal.