Madeira Hybrid Advisory

Our company provides quality client streams for luxury real estate and premium hotel accommodation within The Madeira Islands. We also provide specialized sales, relocations and destination management services across Madeira. We have a deep understanding of the Portuguese regimes for the Non-Habitual Residence, the Golden Residence programme, the Madeira International Business Centre and the Participation Exemption Regime.

Over many years we have developed a specialisation in the area of project management for bespoke residential construction projects in Madeira, this is often due to our overseas clients being unable to find a suitable property in the resale market for investment.

Buying clients make a big difference

What makes our business services valued by our real estate and luxury hotel partners, is our constant ability to find the right clients at the right time, we do this through using the best of traditional marketing methods with selected modern digital marketing techniques.

We almost entirely source our clients from outside Madeira, in this respect our marketing service is as unique as it is effective. We also have several ideally placed marketing agents who provide clients directly to us as or as part of an organised referral programme. We undertake new marketing and sales partnerships when we see the potential for our investment to create a healthy client stream.

Real Estate Concierge

We provide destination management services within Madeira to visiting real estate clients.

This includes providing itinerary management, from airport transfers and hotel selections to escorted visits to real estate developments.

Within this service we find the right client for the right property, we also provide a full management of the moving process from the client funds transfers, opening bank accounts, the moving and transport of personal goods, arranging legal services, financial passporting and project management of construction projects.

We also assist with social security registration and medical enrolment through to the introduction of experienced accountants who help make the financial transition and passporting of personal finances managed and comfortable.

Residential construction projects

Since 2001 we have assisted in the sale and project management of more than 30 residential construction projects of luxury villas in Madeira. We are the main partners for luxury construction firm, Bespoke Villas here in The Madeira Islands. We have outstanding references to back our history of integrating new property owners into a life of property ownership in Madeira.

From sourcing clients, to the architectural design, project approval and the issuance of building permits and on to the sale of land to clients, we work in a structured and legal framework to protect our property buying clients. All our potential clients who decide to make a purchase require a local lawyer, an approved legal representative who will act on their behalf before we advance into a property reservation.

Due to the high quality of construction and finished interiors, we have chosen to work exclusively with Bespoke Villas on all residential construction projects.

Luxury Hotel promotion

Over the last 5 years we have provided direct sales and hybrid marketing services to the luxury hotel groups of Madeira.

We have a unique marketing approach where we direct sales via selected overseas travel exhibitions, these events sell otherwise empty hotel rooms to high quality clients who buy an accommodation voucher for open use. The room value per stay from this hybrid activity far outperforms the regular room per week return in high season.

This specialised service requires a marketing approach that is brand protective for the hotel image while not effecting other hotel accommodation resellers. We base our Madeira promotion as The Madeira Islands, an outstanding all year travel destination.

This bespoke approach allows the voucher holding clients to travel to Madeira on an open date at a time of their choice, this keeps the hotels in a higher state of occupation and allows a potential for the clients to make direct future bookings within the hotel group.